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Cambodia Genocide Museum...

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (better known as the S21 memorial in Phnom Penh, Cambodia) was the site of interrogation, and torture by the Khmer Rouge party between 1974 and 1979.

Once a school, it became a prison and death camp run by a brutal dictatorship under leader - Pol Pot.

Approximately 3 million Cambodians were taken from their homes, made to work on rice plantations in slave like conditions, and / or then tortured and killed for information they didn't know. 

The memorial now stands as a monument to a time that should never be repeated.

It's a very dark place and a very intense place to photograph. The silence is deafening, even with the sounds of the busy streets  and the life that goes on around it, there is almost no noise inside the walls.

I shot these pictures to serve as a visual reminder of what has happened in the past, and as a lesson for humanity's future...

Images copyright Vogel Media, and not to be used without permission. 

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