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Commercial & Editorial Photography...

Kirk Vogel with photography camera on location in Vietnam

Creative photography is our passion...

We don't just love video production, we love creating quality professional photography too!

Kirk Vogel started his photography career as a photojournalist in 1986, at one of the biggest newspapers in New Zealand.

Learning from the best press photographers in the country, he learned to be able to tell the story in one image - the only chance you get in the newspaper world!

Since then he has shot for some of the biggest brands in New Zealand, and still has a strong passion for personal projects.

Some of the types of work we are commissioned includes:

Corporate head shots

Annual report photography

Building progress time lapses

Social media imagery

Product photography

Professional portraits

Website photography

Architectural photography

Documentary photography

News and editorial photography

Contact us if you would like to talk about the creation of quality photography for your company, or call us directly to see how much it might cost for your next staff headshot, a refresh of your website photographs, or annual report project.

Click on each image gallery to see more images or read the story behind the shot...

Vietnamese market seller wearing a traditional hat
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