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Equipment.... What I use, what I like, and why... plus a few honest comments...!

I have just compiled a list of all the equipment I use on a regular basis.

This has come about due to the fact that I would get about 3 or 4 calls every week from clients asking me if I shoot with X equipment.

Mostly I enquire as to why they would want to know or even care about what equipment their job is shot on (after of course establishing what the technical brief details are, I shoot on the best equipment for the job).

Equipment is just a tool. It serves a purpose, and creates a product that (should) adequately ful-fill the client's brief in every way, technically, and creatively.

It seems that the general consensus is that nowadays, unless you are using the latest and greatest, your work will never be good enough.

Not so.

For some jobs, I do actually use the latest and greatest (L&G), however with the L&G comes increased cost of acquisition, added insurance cost and sometimes even more computing power required to perform edits of MASSIVE files. All this adds up to more cost per hour to shoot, and more time spent in an edit... meaning a higher cost to the client.

In most cases, a smaller (and dare I say it - sometimes "older") camera will do the job faster, better, and cheaper, and you just won't know the difference (until you see the smaller bill of course!)

In ALL cases, I shoot my videos on the best equipment for the job. Whether that is a static mounted 4k cam-corder at a presentation, or on a small handheld DSLR or mirrorless camera for more portability and faster reaction time during a demonstration or documentary style production.

ANY equipment is capable of outstanding results if used properly, and experience counts here. A videographer who knows their gear inside out is always a better prospect than one who just acquired the latest and greatest and hasn't worked out how to use it yet.

I don''t know where this comes from. I shouldn't care but for some reason I do... funny...

So in the interests of all, I have shared a comprehensive list of all the gear I own for all to see and judge for themselves.

Click the image above or the link below to see the full kit, then click each item and you can read through all my thoughts / comments to see what I like, and why.

Be warned, some of my comments are more than a little honest, and some I just have some fun with!


Kirk Vogel

021 449-580


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