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The easiest "ONE THING" you can do to market yourself or your brand... (that no-one else i

I'll bet you have an email signature.

Very few people I talk to know about the power in their email signature. You know, that innocuous little thing that has your name, position and contact phone number that goes under your email body text. I'll bet you set it up years ago and haven't even looked at it since... I'll bet you think it isn't even a marketing tool! After all... those that contact me already know me and the service I offer... right?

Maybe you've even sat down and wondered "if only there was a way to get a particular message out to everyone I know - every day - that was easy but informative and didn't take a lot of effort..."

I'm here to tell you that there is, and you've potentially been sitting on a MASSIVE missed opportunity for as long as you have had a business email address.

I'm talking about your email signature, and more importantly - adding video to it.

Imagine every email you sent out, went out with your personal profile video, or your latest product announcement, or your latest company news, or your.... well you get the idea. There is no limit to what content this video could hold, or what value proposition you could make those that contact you aware of.

99% of people I talk to COULD see a use for this as an effective marketing tool.

100% of these people don't use it.

Why don't they use it?

Simple... It's hard to do... You got to shoot it, edit it and then try to work out how to add it to your email signature... blah blah blah.....

Yes, shooting and editing is a bit difficult (this is what I do so don't even think about that) but in actual fact, depending on the email program you use, it is no more complicated than linking your website to a URL in your email signature (although I do admit, some applications can make it a bit complicated to set up!)

Simply put, every email you send could have a specific message video attached to a signature, customised to the audience it is going to.

A good example of this could be... An email comes in off your website from a customer looking for more info on a particular product. Your response could be a personally written response (with a customised signature including the video), or a canned response thanking them for their enquiry, with a video showing a product demonstration embedded in the signature.

Another example could be a potential customer doing their research on finding a good service provider like a mortgage broker / real estate agent / dentist / accountant / lawyer etc - asking a simple question like... "waddyacharge?" We've all received these low quality enquiries before, and most times they will be blind with no phone contact details so you could call the prospective customer to sell yourself and your services and reinforce your value over and above the requested cost parameters.

Instead, you can reply with a list of your prices, AND a video outlining why that person should choose you over everyone else they are "price checking'. (I guarantee price is rarely ever the deciding point on any of these services mentioned).

The client receives a little added value video, with YOU personally presenting your own value proposition (elevator pitch) where you can demonstrate why they should choose you over your competitors (you might even add in a video testimonial or 2 from happy clients to really swing the pendulum your way!). I'd be willing to bet you are the only provider who creates an opportunity to show them why to choose you!

Who do you think they are going to choose????

At it's most basic level, every email you send should have a video showing who you are and what you do in the email signature (you might even want to thank them for contacting you / being a regular customer / being a friend / or just asking for them to recommend you to their friends and family). Even this small amount of information (or value) is more than your competitors are doing right now so what are you waiting for?

A pro tip here, is that your video should not be any longer than 20-30 seconds - new customers have very short attention spans before they have chosen a service provider - and you should hit the most relevant points concisely and clearly (just like an elevator pitch) and ask for a call to action like "call me now for a no obligation consultation to assess your needs"

You might even sweeten the deal by offering a small discount if they call within 24 hours??? Whatever suits the situation, and your service.

If you are looking to shoot a signature video, call me now for an extra special price on your first shoot. I promise it will cost a lot less than you think, add value to your business, and market your brand more effectively than you are doing now!

Call me now:

Kirk Vogel 021 449-580

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